Faculty of Intercultural Studies


  Students will acquire the tools necessary to navigate through and contribute to a cosmopolitan society by increasing their understanding of complex and diverse social and cultural values, issues and opportunities. 

  Students will also become linguistically proficient in order to communicate with members of the global society through a wide range of languages and other relevant skills such as computer literacy bookkeeping and understanding of law.


Course Descriptions

Department of Intercultural Studies

Department of Intercultural Studies

  International Cultures courses aim to assist students in acquiring the linguistic, cultural and practical experiences and tools necessary to contribute to the development of the diverse fields of international culture and local society in today’s global society.

  • Buddhist Culture
  • Japanese Culture
  • Hokkaido and Ainu Culture
  • Community Administration




Department of Career Studies

Department of Career Studies

  Career Studies courses, which will be established in 2013, aim to assist students to build up their career focusing on their future object. Our students will learn the importance of improving their ability and personality by reviewing their current life styles and by focusing on their future goals. The cources will help students armed with practical knowledge and communication ability to make them essential talents in every field of business.









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