Message from the President



We bring up autonomous students.

  The essence of our education consists of practical approaches that awaken students both to their internal possibility and to the external diversity in order to bring them fruitful student life.
 Our hope is to nurture students who can fix a steady goal and strive for it from the beginning of their university life. In other words, we wish that each student be equipped with his/her own “navigational system” that neither loses the sight of the route nor the goal of his/her life.
 International studies of our university include not only studies of both local and overseas cultures but also the acquisition of logical thinking and practical ability based on them. It is our hope that students go abroad and know much more about the variety of cultures and ideas within their student life. These experiences make them realize the importance of their own culture, for example, Japanese culture for Japanese students, and foster the will to know much more about it.
 Our university cooperates with various universities around the world and has a system to transfer credit between foreign institutions. We also plan to expand short time visits in order to promote more active exchanges.

We contribute to Tomakomai.

 Located at Tomakomai city, our university assumes as our highest priorities to provide educational opportunities such as open lectures and library facilities to all citizens of the city, including high school students in the area. Sharing the intellectual resources with the community we hope to establish a new relation between Tomakomai and the university. As this connection tightens, students grow their interest in the community and can contribute, for example, the city-planning through their own ideas. Young and fresh proposals will be powerful incentives for the development of the city. We try to create new co-operations not only with city administrators but also with private industries and organizations. They will also contribute to the employment of graduates.
  The employment situation in Hokkaido is getting harder and some students hope to get a job in Tokyo area. We are planning to create a joint system of admission with Komazawa University in Tokyo to accommodate student’s demand for employment in the area.
  Though academic scores may be important in some opportunities, much more is potentiality. To wake up student’s dormant abilities, we plan to reform the educational system of the university. I will visit senior high schools in the neighboring area and interchange ideas with teachers and students. Look forward to our evolution.

President Kenyu SAKUMA

Tomakomai Komazwa University

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